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The Newcomers/Alumni Bicycling Group is for those individuals who like to get exercise while enjoying the scenery around New Bern.  We feature 'no drop' rides--which means we don't leave anyone behind!  We have been working to design options that allow more serious bikers to enjoy a longer distance at a faster pace, but also provide a choice for more leisurely riders to go at a more comfortable pace.  We take breaks as needed.  Routes will vary, allowing participants the chance to see different neighborhoods and the surrounding countryside

The activity leaders check the weather and weigh other factors as to when an event can be scheduled. Due to these factors, events are scheduled with short time frames ( within 1 to 2 weeks.) So have your helmet ready!

The following gear is requested or required:

1. A working bicycle (brakes, gears) with adequate safety items - lights, reflectors etc.

2. A Helmet is mandatory.

3. Carry adequate water (minimum - 1 pt. / 500 mL).

4. Casual clothing (shorts) and top with bright colors.

Air pumps and / or lights are an option.

Meeting Place:

A group email, including directions to a starting point, is sent out for weekend rides.

If interested please contact the activity leaderto be added to our group e-Mail list.

Special Message regarding Biking:


 The Newcomer biking group will schedule rides throughout the summer of 2017, based on weather and other factors.

Our biking group hosts no drop rides, which means we don't go off and leave anyone! We vary the routes, and offer rides of various lengths. Rides are announced via email.

We are not competitive riders, and our focus is to enjoy the countryside and company while getting some exercise. Other than a working bike and plenty of water, you don't need to provide anything else. We often end our rides with a get together at a nearby restaurant.

Hope to see you on a bike!

Recent Activities:

The Newcomers Biking Group had their first official ride of 2016--welcoming the arrival of spring with a ride through downtown New Bern and Trent Woods. Our merry band managed to avoid the rain (except for a few sprinkles right at the start), and everyone enjoyed the beautiful weather. Afterwards we gathered at the Monk house to enjoy pizza, drinks and conversation! We'll be gearing up to do more rides now that the weather has improved. If this sounds like something you'd like to get in on, email Keith Jackson at jacksk59@yahoo.com, or call 573.795.1837. Hope to see you on a bike!


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