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The Boaters Group recently sponsored the US Coast Guards Auxiliary Course, Suddenly In Command Course at the New Bern Yacht Club on April 4th. The class was an overwhelming success with over 45 people in attendance. Bill Neilson of the US Coast Guard Auxiliary was the instructor and did an excellent job holding everyone's attention for the four hour class. Plenty of questions and entertaining discussions followed the presentation.

The course was boating safety primer which was geared toward spouses and others with little or no experience on what to do in the event of an emergency, where someone suddenly finds themselves in a situation of having to operate a boat. It also covered some local waters boating knowledge. The Boaters Group hopes to conduct similar classes in the future.

Suddenly In Command Course #4
Suddenly In Command Course #1 Suddenly In Command Course #3
Suddenly In Command Course #2 Suddenly In Command Course #5

Following the class we had a Pot Luck Diner, and in keeping with tradition it was truly a gourmet delight. Nobody went home hungry!

lunch at Apollo's Steakhouse Jon Olstad's Boat Jon Olstad's Boat

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