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Kathy Sciorra

Dining-In is a winter month activity scheduled from January - April each year.

Dining-In dinners are limited to 4 couples or 8 participants who meet in the hosting participant's home who provides the main course. Everyone shares in the meal preparation by providing a designated course, (appetizer, soup/salad, or dessert) for the dinner.   It is a great way to meet other Newcomers and enjoy a delicious home cooked meal.  The hosting couple provides the main course, setting, soft drinks and water, participants bring their designated course and beverage of choice.

Each Dining-In session mixes which 4 couples who will be gathering at the host's house. Each month you are sitting down at the table with a different group of couples in the activity. Each couple gets the opportunity to host one dinner. Once again, hosting is spread evenly over the participants. This way you get to meet several Newcomers over the Dining-In season.

Dining-in is limited to the first 16 couples who register, however, there is a substitution list after that.   There are many times substitutes are called upon as life happens!  It is a lot of fun and you should give it a try. 

Bon Appetit!

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