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Bob Scott

Eight newcomers, singles or couples, get together at a host’s home to play a game of the host’s choosing. The groups will rotate – you will host once and go to other folk’s homes for other game nights. You will also play with other people each month, providing the opportunity to meet and have fun with many newcomers.

The Gamers Group can accommodate several sets of 8 newcomers. There can also be alternates to fill gaps if someone cannot make a certain month’s schedule.

The Gamers will meet 4 times – January through April. The Gamer’s activity leader will designate the groups and hosts for each month. The hosts of each month will communicate with the other participants in their group to determine a best day and time. The host will also suggest snacks and beverages for participants to bring.

The games are often board games, but nothing is set in stone other than the goal is to have lots of fun!

If there is sufficient interest, some Gamers may meet in the Fall though there will not be adequate time for a full 4 month rotation.

Looking forward to meeting new members and having a great year.