Singles Mingles

Activity Leaders

E-Mail Telephone
Linda Guthrie (Alumni)
Jeffrey Garnet
Paula Guarnere

The Singles Mingles Group combines Newcomers and Alumni members and meets twice a month at various locations to socialize. All single Newcomers Club members are welcome to join. This is a singles-only group and is not intended as a dating service.

Singles Activities Reviewed

On April 1st the Singles Mingles Group went to lunch at Spice Bouquet, 16 attended and a great time was had by all!

Spice Bouquet Lunch

All Singles Mingles Activity members will be contacted by email announcing each event. There will be a maximum number that can attend and therefore it is important to reply to the email by the deadline if they are planning to attend! Please RSVP so we have an accurate expected head count.

Activity Leaders

E-Mail Telephone
Linda Guthrie (Newcomers) (724)622-1568 Cell
Sharon Champney (Alumni) (252)633-7824 Home
Chris Jacesko (Cheer Fund) (252)288-5426 Home
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