Community Action

The Newcomers Community Action page is provided to give newcomers a list of publicly available WEB sites that provide a variety of information not typically addressed by the Newcomers Club activities.

This page will not be used to promote commercial, political, or religious activities.

Community WEB Sites

The following is a list of some of the WEB sites that provide additional information about our New Bern community. If you find a WEB site that you think belongs in this list, please don't hesitate in offering the suggestion. Just send an email to the Newcomer's Web Master with the URL and a short description why you think this URL should be added. The Newcomers Board approval is required for each item on the list.

New Bern Now maintains lists and provides information on various community activities and groups.

New Bern Now

The New Bern Library in addition to books also offers a variety of community and individual services.

Library Logo

Craven County Recreation & Parks, Craven county offers many recreation programs and facilities

Twin Rivers Paddle Club is a great place to get information on Kayaking in the local area.

New Bern Fun facts is a great resource for interesting facts in the New Bern area.

CERT is the Community Emergency Response Teams sponsored by FEMA that was presented in our January General Meeting. If you would like to get in contact with a local CERT team you can use the following links: