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Newcomers Club Board Members

Board Members for 2017-2018.





Linda Moore President vnlmoore11@gmail.com 252-631-1463
Jay DeLoach Co-Vice President jaydeloach@aol.com  703-501-7205
Jodi DeLoach Co-Vice President jodideloach@gmail.com 703-401-9211
Barbara Haan Secretary
Bonnie Burch Treasurer bonnieburch2015@gmail.com 817-528-2036 Cell

252-631-2554 Home
Paula Saihati Activity Director psaihati@aol.com 703-618-2850
Cheryl Osbourne Co-Membership Director tpbattista@gmail.com 410-599-2525
Pat Battista Co-Membership Director tpbattista@gmail.com 443-624-1320
Dan Cashman Co-Social Director danielcashman2@gmail.com 585-414-7730
Mary Duquette Co-Social Director maryduquette1207@gmail.com 585-314-2089
Don Elkins Communications Director dnlkns@gmail.com 980-579-7149
Sandie Swigart Founder/Advisor sandielees@hotmail.com 252-633-4094

2018 New Bern Newcomers Club Board of Directors
Outgoing President Jere Kersner presents the "gavel" to newly elected President Linda Moore at the June 7, 2017, meeting. Other Board of Directors for the 2017/2018 season, from left to right: Dan Cashman and Mary Duquette, Co-Social Directors, Cheryl Osbourne, Membership Director; Jere Kersnar, Outgoing President; Linda Moore, Incoming President; Bonnie Burch, Treasurer; Jodi and Jay Deloach co-Vice Presidents; Barbara Hahn, Secretary; Paula Saihati, Activity Director

A complete description of each Board position can be viewed by clicking on Board Job Descriptions.