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The Gamers group usually meets once a month for fun and games, which could be board games, cards, outdoor games, or any of the great ideas you can find online or in your attic.  The host volunteers to have the event at his/her home and chooses a specific date and time or offers two or more dates to determine which would be best for the most people.  The evening typically starts at 7pm, but the time is flexible to accommodate outdoor games during daylight hours.  The host chooses the game(s) and everyone brings their own beverages and an appetizer, dessert or snack to share.  Games which can be played with teams work well, but we’ll try whatever the host suggests.  We're excited to welcome new people with new ideas.  Come join us!


To Attend:

Interested members will be emailed details of a scheduled activity several weeks in advance. Simply respond to the email if you will be attending. An RSVP is required as space is limited. If your plans change after indicating you will attend, please email the activity leader to inform them you will not attend. To be added to the group's email list, sign up at a general meeting or email the group leader.

Looking forward to meeting new members and having a great year.

Recent Activity:

October 2020

Outdoor Game Night with plenty of social distancing!  A great event in the fresh air!

For Info on Scheduled Activities

For upcoming events, check the calendar on the Home page. You can click on the calendar event for details.

Also, check the latest newsletter on the Newsletter page.


Upcoming Activities

(November 20 Game Night has been cancelled)




Welcome from the Newcomers Club of New Bern

The Newcomers Club of New Bern welcomes you to the great state of North Carolina and to the wonderful city of New Bern.

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