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Activity Co-Leaders

Jerry King (Alumni)

Rick Magda (Newcomer)

Newcomers/Alumni Bicycling Group is for those individuals who like to get exercise while enjoying the scenery around New Bern. We feature 'no drop' rides, which means we don't leave anyone behind! We have been working to design options that allow more serious bikers to enjoy a longer distance at a faster pace, but also provide a choice for more leisurely riders to go at a more comfortable pace. We take breaks as needed. Routes will vary, allowing participants the chance to see different neighborhoods and the surrounding countryside

The activity leader checks the weather and weighs other factors as to when an event can be scheduled. Due to these factors, events are scheduled with short lead times (within 1 to 2 weeks). So have your helmet ready!

"Weekly Evening Ride" every Monday night thru the spring, summer and fall months that will start at 6pm each Monday. The designated ride location will be announced each week.

Please email group leaders for upcoming schedule or to be added to activity email list.

The following gear is requested or required:

1. A working bicycle (brakes, gears) with adequate safety items - lights, reflectors etc.

2. A Helmet is mandatory.

3. Carry adequate water (minimum - 1 pt. / 500 mL).

4. Casual clothing (shorts) and top with bright colors.

Air pumps and / or lights are optional.

To Attend:

Interested members will be emailed details of a scheduled activity several days in advance. Simply show up at the location at the scheduled date and time. There is no limit on the number of attendees.

Past Biking Activities

October 14, 2022

The AGN and NewComers of New Bern Bike Club had a successful outing this week. Completing 23 miles round trip from Minnesott Beach to Oriental. A few of the riders took advantage of the ferry rides which serve Cherry Branch and Minnesott Beach. The day was elevated with a wonderful and delightfully tasty lunch at Toucan’s waterfront restaurant in Oriental.

The outing provided exercise, laughter, rich conversation and new friends. Consider joining us for the next one!

Seated from L to R

Bill and Tammie Brettschneider, Joe Williams, Les Coble, Jerry King and Michael Conley

Group rode 20 miles on the back roads North of Bridgeton.  The weather was excellent, as was the camaraderie/ stopping at Shoo Fly farm for a picture with the horse.

Thursday May 26th, 2022

Minnesott to Oriental

We had a beautiful day for our bike ride from Minnesott to Oriental. Lunch at the Toucan Grill, then another pleasant ride back.

Four riders attended, Joe, Jerry, Fred and myself.



April 28, 2022

Taberna-Carolina Colours Ride

The Bike Group had a great ride! Perfect riding conditions, great company.




June 14, 2021 -  Monday Night Biking in Carolina Colours and Taberna

April 26th, 2021 Ride

April 12, 2021

We had a short (7.8 miles) bike ride which started at Union Point Park in New Bern to Glenburnie Park and back.  The weather was perfect for a ride along the Neuse River.  Riders were Gary, Joe, John, Pete, and Steve.

March 15, 2021

We had a chilly but nice bike ride today thru FairField Harbour with a "Snack Stop", half way, at the Burtons. The riders were Peter Roberts, Sara & David Duda, Dave Debus, Cindy Harrington and Steve Burton. Hostess for our snack stop were Corrine Burton and Laura Debus.
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