June 2023 President’s Message

I hope you have been able to get outside and enjoy the relatively cool temperatures, when it isn’t raining that is. But that rain has given us beautiful flowers and other foliage. There were lots of things to do this past month, both with the club and in town. Sometimes it’s difficult to choose among all the offerings!

June 8 is our last meeting before taking a break for summer. This break doesn’t mean all activities will stop. At the meeting we will discuss what activities will occur over the summer. We will not have a guest speaker in order to allow you to socialize before we take a couple of months off from meetings.

Maybe you can make plans with someone at the meeting to meet up for coffee, a trip to the aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores or the beach, or whatever you like to do in the summer. There are plenty of people in the club who would love to join you on your adventures.

I have enjoyed serving as your president for the past six months. I wish it had not been necessary, but I appreciate you welcoming me and helping me when I stumbled. Next year I will be serving as your vice president and will be looking for speakers. If there are any people or groups you would like to hear speak, please let me know.
I hope to see you at the meeting on the 8th. If not, I hope you have a wonderful summer and remember everyone in the club is here for you. If you need anything just let us know and we will either help you ourselves or help you find someone whom can.

Cathy Lane, President, Newcomers Club of New Bern

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