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The Ahoy Boaters Group
We are all set for an enchanting evening with the upcoming Firefly Kayaking journey, Friday, May 17, 2024, at 7 pm 550 Madam Moores Ln. New Bern, where we can socialize before embarking on a nocturnal adventure across the river into the marshes. The highlight of the trip is the possibility of witnessing the magical glow of fireflies, a natural spectacle that adds a touch of wonder to the kayaking experience. For those who prefer to stay on land, the option to relax on the deck is available, ensuring that all members can enjoy the evening in their preferred way. With limited kayaks on offer, the event adopts a 'first come, first serve' approach, encouraging promptness and adding to the communal spirit of the group. Attendees are reminded to contribute to the communal atmosphere by bringing an appetizer and their beverage of choice, fostering a sense of sharing and camaraderie among the group. This event promises to be a memorable experience, combining the joys of nature, community, and adventure.

If your Kayaking , please bring a flashlight or small lanter to get across the river.
Dave Yasman


Some of the Boating activities planned for spring and summer

New Bern has a great concert series "Foot Loose   on the Neuse". We can tie up right off shore, and enjoy the concert from the comfort of your boat. If you don't have a boat we can find a spot on someone else's boat. "Friday night Sunset Kayaking" from my house. We have a few kayaks and stand up boards that you're welcome to use, as shown in these photos posted here!

We also have a group of sailors that are always looking for crew. No experience needed.  If you have any ideas on what you would like to do let me (Dave Yasman)  know.

Dave Yasman/ Co Chair.        dyasman805@gmail.com

Thank you to our Boating Group leaders for putting together the successful Crystal lady dinner cruise, November 11th, 2023. You can see some of the fun in the slide show on the lower section of this page. 

Activity Co-Leaders :Bob Davis (Newcomers)

E-Mail:  lesliebob@live.com
Telephone: 919-946-2463

Dave Yasman Email.  dyasman805@gmail.comPhone 805-444-2196

Brad May (Alumni)  (408)761-3892
Email:  bradmay58@gmail.com

Hello boaters and those interested in boating:

The Boating group is open to all members sharing an interest in boating.  It includes those interested in sailing, powerboating, cruising, and fishing. We will meet for social events as well as outings. If you have an interest in boating but do not yet own a boat, this is an opportunity to connect with boatowners to experience boating on our great New Bern waterways!

The Boating Group is co-chaired by myself, Brad May (bradmay58@gmail.com) and Bob Davis (lesliebob@live.com). I am in the Alumni group and Bob is a Newcomer.  I am a new sailor but there will be people interested in all forms of boating.

For more  Info on all club  Scheduled Activities

Boating safety class
Either I (Brad May) or our partners at New Bern Yacht Club will be scheduling a boating safety class through the USCG Auxiliary; details to follow. If you have or are considering a boat, you can often get a discount on insurance if you have completed such a course.

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