Creative Writers


Activity (Co) Leaders

Mary Dowd (Newcomer)


Phone:  203 767 9049

Andrea Overman (Newcomer)


Phone:  520 236 6393

If you enjoy writing, this is the group for you. Whether you are a novice writer, a published writer, or even if you have never written but just have the desire to explore a hidden talent or jump back in after a long sabbatical, we are happy to have you.

To Attend:

Interested members will be emailed details of a scheduled activity several weeks in advance. Simply respond to the email if you will be attending. If your plans change after indicating you will attend, please email the activity leader(s) to inform them you will not attend. To be added to the group's email list, sign up at a general meeting or email the group leader.

For Info on Scheduled Activities

For upcoming events, check the calendar on the Home page. You can click on the calendar event for details.

Also, check the latest newsletter on the Newsletter page.

Welcome from the Newcomers Club of New Bern

The Newcomers Club of New Bern welcomes you to the great state of North Carolina and to the wonderful city of New Bern.

Connect with us

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Contact Info

P.O. Box 14140
New Bern, NC 28562


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