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Activity Leader

Bob Schraudt
Telephone: 810-772-9759

Golf is based on the premise that the game should be fun. Making friends is paramount; proficiency is immaterial. We welcome all skill levels. Rules are what each player wants them to be. We schedule an outing once a month, normally on a Wednesday or Thursday, and play 12 months of the year. We travel to courses in the New Bern area and try to keep within a one-hour drive. We also arrange carpooling for the out-of-New Bern trips. This is a joint activity with the Alumni Group.

To Attend:

Interested members will be emailed details of a scheduled activity several weeks in advance. Simply respond to the email if you will be attending. If your plans change after indicating you will attend, please email the activity leader to inform them you will not attend. To be added to the group's email list, sign up at a general meeting or email the group leader.


For Info on Scheduled Activities

For upcoming events, check the calendar on the Events page. 

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