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Barbara Paulsen (Newcomer)

The Crafters group enjoys socializing with new friends while making a different craft each month.  Suggestions for new projects are welcomed!

Looking forward to meeting new members and having a great year!

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Upcoming Activities

Thursday, January 20  (12:30 PM)

Friday, January 21  (12:30 PM)

(Register for one day only.)

Dear Group:

Alfie has come up with a wonderful project to make with clay.  The vase is cut out of slabs of clay.  All vases will be the same shape (hopefully), then each person may choose the color glaze to use.

Now – this is going to work a little differently….

There is limited studio space (this will NOT be at our usual meeting location).  Because of the high interest, Alfie has agreed to do this project TWICE:  Thursday, January 20 and Friday, January 21.  Both days will start at 12:30. When registration opens you will register for only one day – the day that you will attend.

The cost will be $45.00

Registration for this project will OPEN January 12 when I send out the registration email. 

The email will be sent in the morning ~7:00am. 

The email will contain the registration form. 

If you wish to make this wonderful vase, you will then complete the email form and email it back to me. 

This will be on a first come first serve basis.

After all the slots are filled, I will start a waiting list.

Payment will be made at the studio to Alfie – cash or check please.

Mask or not to mask - your preference

Bring a bib-apron or old shirt – clay can get messy

I am trying to make sure you understand this process….does this make sense to you?  Please send me any questions, comments, thoughts for the day….

Barb Paulsen

Text: 607-731-9727




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The Newcomers Club of New Bern welcomes you to the great state of North Carolina and to the wonderful city of New Bern.

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