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Randy Schmidt (Alumni)


 Pickle Ball Schedule

Newcomers join with Alumni and other New Bern area residents to play Pickleball at various venues everyday of the week. The most popular times are MWF from 830- 1030 AM and T and TH evenings 5:15 - 830 PM at the Rec Center on 1225 Pinetree Rd.  We have multiple up coning PB events that members can enjoy:
1. Intro to PB class on 9/21 and 9/28 at Creekside Park (free, registration info below). These classes are nearly full.  We do these about every 2- 3 months.
2. 9/25 starts a 6 week ladder when we play once a week at Creekside Park.  See info below. Register thru Creekside Park web site which is being setup.
I am planning to start a 6-week Pickleball Ladder at Creekside Park commencing 10/25 at 2:30 PM. Play lasts about 90 minutes. As in the past, we will play once a week weather permitting. If weather or holidays get in the way we will postpone those play days. Like in the past balls will be provided as well as awards for tier winners and we will hold a post-ladder pot luck gathering. Cost is to be determined.
Results of all games will be entered into the Dynamic Universal Pickleball Rating (DUPR) system. This will be a chance for most of us to establish a DUPR rating. To play in this ladder, create a DUPR account and join Craven County Pickleball club. We have 15 members already. Locally there are about 35 players who have a DUPR account. I sent an invitation to 140 local players to join DPR and the Craven County Pickleball club. Being new to DUPR myself, I am still learning how to message club members via the tool or how to export member emails so I can create a distribution list. So stay tuned.
Register here:

Pickleball is  joint activity with Alumni Group.

Pickleball is a game created in 1965 in the state of Washington by 3 dads creating a fun game for their kids. Today it is widely considered the fastest growing sport - especially for Baby Boomers. It is a fun racket sport less taxing on the body than tennis yet is just as fun and scientifically shown to be a better workout. Pickleball is played on a court about a third the size of a tennis court with a ball similar to a whiffle ball and paddles about twice the size of a ping-pong paddle. It is easy to learn, and you can get very sophisticated in game play. If you played tennis, racket-ball or table tennis or badminton before that really helps. There are even PB Professionals and national championships. Tom Brady, Drew Breeze and LeBron James are invested in the sport. Search for lessons or watch matches on YouTube.

As of December 2022, we have over 50 PB players from Newcomers or Alumni group – and the count grows monthly.  Many started playing recently after an orientation/training session I was able to provide along with the help of other experienced players. We play at the New Bern Recreation Center that has six outside courts and two inside courts. We mix with other non-club members who play the game.

There is a Team Reach app you can install on your Apple or Android device to be connected to this broader community in order to learn when others are playing.   When you install Team Reach enter the code 020521 to join the Rec Center group.

We generally play with 4 people to a court, so having others around to join in play is helpful. The Rec Center play is busiest MWF and Sat mornings.  There is evening play with lights too.

To Attend:

To be added to the group's email list, sign up at a general meeting or email the group leader.

Pickleball is played at:  

(West New Bern Recreation Center - 1225 Pinetree Road, New Bern)

Check for a more complete list of places to play near New Bern or anywhere you travel.  Options abound.



We have held five Newcomers/Alumni Club Pickleball Ladders- often playing with temperatures in the 40’s – 90’s and sometimes windy. The ladder involves playing once a week for six weeks and rearranges players by results to match people of similar skills.   Typically we have a potluck gathering after the last match. Thanks to all participants and substitutes for making this happen!  Tier winners will receive Pickleball Tier Champ shirts or plaques.

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Pickleball is played at:
West New Bern Recreation Center -  1225 Pinetree Road, New Bern and 
Creekside Park, 1821 Old Airport Road, New Bern, NC 28562.

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