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Randy Schmidt (Newcomer)
Email: randall.d.schmidt@gmail.com

Pickleball is a game created in the 1960s that has become one of the fastest growing sports in the last 5 - 10 years, especially for Baby Boomers. It is a fun racket sport that is less taxing on the body than tennis yet is just as fun and can be a real workout. It is played on a court about half the size of a tennis court with a ball similar to a whiffle ball and paddles about twice the size of a ping-pong paddle. It is easy to learn and you can get very sophisticated in game play. If you played tennis, racket-ball or table tennis or badminton before that really helps. There are even PB Professionals and national championships. Search for lessons or watch matches on YouTube

We have 15 PB players from Newcomers or Alumni group.  Most started playing late last summer after an orientation/training session or two that I was able to provide. We play at the New Bern Recreation Center that has six outside courts and currently one inside court.

We mix with other non-club members who play the game.  There is a Team Reach app you can install on your Apple or Android device to be connected to this broader community in order to learn when others are playing.   We generally play with 4 people to a court, so having others around to join in play is helpful. The Rec Center play is busiest MWF and then Sat and Sun mornings.  There is evening play with lights too.

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November 7 Update
Hey Picklers,

The joint Alumni-Newcomer Pickleball group has grown to 31 people.  We have organized a ladder tournament and have substitute opportunities each week when someone cannot make it.  The current 4-week ladder completes before Thanksgiving.  We will gauge and likely have another ladder tourney starting after Thanksgiving.  If you just want to get out and learn the game and play contact others on our list to work out a time to play or just show MWF and Saturday mornings at the West New Bern Recreation Center to play with fellow club and non-club members.


Fellow Picklers!
We are set to have a ladder Pickleball event!   We will start (weather permitting) Thursday 10/28 at 9:30 at the West New Bern Rec Center. Some are new to the game, so if you’ve not been out yet,  please come some morning before 10/28 at 9 AM for an orientation/lesson. We will play once a week for four weeks for this initial ladder.

If you cannot make a particular date please find a replacement/substitute to fill in for you.  If you need help finding a replacement, please let me know and I can help you with that.

Please send me your self assessed rating.  Use this scale

Most of our group are 1 - 3 with a possible 3.5.
1 is a beginner.  5 is a top talent player.
Please arrive at 9 AM on the day of play to warm up and received your assigned court and to learn who you will play with that day.   If you need to use a substitute, please know that the sub cannot advance you to a higher bracket in the subsequent week.
If it rains we will hold it on the next Tuesday morning as a replacement.
Thanks for giving our first club ladder a try.

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