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Newcomers Club Members and Alumni are invited to play Pickleball at various venues everyday of the week. The most popular times are MWF from 9:000- 11:00 AM and Monday evenings 5:15 - 830 PM at the Rec Center on 1225 Pinetree Rd.

Contact person : Randy Schmidt , Activity Leader & Craven County USA Pickleball Ambassador,  Join your local community, beyond just club members, for lessons and organized ladder style play.  Introductory classes are available through numerous providers in Craven County.

We were set to hold a 6-week Pickleball Ladder at Creekside Park commencing 10/25. The park authority has taken over managing this event and the latest schedule is not yet available. 


Have you joined the Newcomers Club of New Bern ? For only $15 a year per person you have access to more than 20 activity groups, most of whom have scheduled events all year along! If you have lived in the area for 1 year or less, you are qualified to join. Club meetings are held every month except July, August and December. To join online please click here. 

What is PIckleball?

Pickleball is a game created in 1965 in the state of Washington by 3 dads creating a fun game for their kids. Today it is widely considered the fastest growing sport - especially for Baby Boomers.

It is a fun racket sport less taxing on the body than tennis yet is just as fun and scientifically shown to be a better workout. Pickleball is played on a court about a third the size of a tennis court with a ball similar to a whiffle ball and paddles about twice the size of a ping-pong paddle. It is easy to learn, and you can get very sophisticated in game play. If you played tennis, racket-ball or table tennis or badminton before that really helps. There are PB Professionals and national championships. Among the well know, Tom Brady, Drew Breeze and LeBron James are invested in the sport. Search for lessons or watch matches on YouTube.

Pickleball is a  joint activity with Alumni Group. We play at many venues in New Bern where we mix with other non-club members to play the game.  Use our distribution list to connect with other club members. Refer to  table below for information on locations, websites and useful coordination tools to get engaged with PB in and out of New Bern.

To Attend:

To be added to (or removed from) the group's email list, sign up at a general meeting or email the group leader.

Contact person : Randy Schmidt , Activity Leader & Craven County USA Pickleball Ambassador,

Pickleball is the fastest-growing paddle sport.

We play at several locations including Cottle Park, Creekside Park. Discover where to play via or

Remember: Warm-up/stretch 1st; wear eye protection & appropriate shoes; hydrate; never run backwards. Avoid criticizing others play. Ask if interested before offering unsolicited advice. Share the courts.

If you are new to New Bern and want to learn more about your new community and make new friends, check out the club at our next meeting No. 9th or become a member today by visiting our Membership Page. See you soon!

Other Ways to Learn and Get involved with Pickleball in our area...




Where to Access

To view, schedule or join play

Playtimescheduler Or Pickleheads

To talk about play times

TeamReach App

Download from AppStore or Google, enter code to join various 020521 for New Bern;
091270 for Morehead
080359 for Cottlepark
066677 For Creekside

Connect and share PB info

Pickleball New Bern Facebook Group

General PB news (email)

Google Group (get added to the group)

Engage with PB Growth

USA Pickleball

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