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Randy Schmidt (Newcomer)

E-Mail:  randall.d.schmidt@gmail.com
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Three of us got out and tried Disc Golf at Creekside park on February 4. It was a warm and very windy day.  The 18 hole course is very nice with some challenging dog-legs, mostly par-3.  We had 3 discs each - a driver, mid-range and putter. It was my first time.  Bob and Barb Forbes (from Alumni Group) had played before but are new to the game.   It was good to get out walking in a beautiful park.  It will take a lot of effort to get good at this sport but was fun anyway.  We did not record our scores.   On the downside, I can see when winter is over retrieving errant tosses of discs into the “rough” could be perilous with poison ivy and snakes one finds in the forest. Discs could land in the water too (gators caution) of go over the fence by the airport. And of course wind is huge detractor - or added challenge depending on your perspective.  Still, the game has potential and there are no greens fees or lines to queue up in (from my one experience) plus there are a few nice courses in the New Bern area.



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